America’s Leading Materials Specialists

Edward C. Gregor

Edward C. Gregor

America’s leading specialists in business and market development in materials technologies and concepts in the Specialty Polymer, Fiber, Nonwoven Fabric, Textile and Filtration Industries. Providing Merger & Acquisition services to the industry globally as GL Capital, LLC.

Businesses that distinguish themselves and lead the parade possess certain characteristics with a passion to succeed, a pioneering spirit along with the grit and savvy to recognize and seize new opportunities. To build a competitive edge, leaders incorporate a market-driven focus to ensure sustainable growth and market value. [ More Information ]

We recognize most successful manufacturing companies have an in-bred culture of innovative thinking and successful execution of business strategies.  Drilling down a bit, we believe the common denominator for predicting success, involve three basic fundamentals:

1. Company technology provides a material with a degree of originality and/or disruptiveness in the market.
2. The company has a proprietary position, whether know-how, patents or other constructive advantage.
3. The material or product offering has an attribute, which customers prefer to purchase over incumbent offerings.

The above fundamentals are important prerequisites and work together as a three legged stool. Our business philosophy is all about building trust and doing right for every client.

Edward G. Gregor & Associates, LLC has an associated company GL Capital which provides solutions for Mergers and Acquisitions. [ More Information ]

 “The best way to predict the future is to invent it yourself.” – Alan Kaye

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